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The Cellar

The refining and aging cellar is located in Sauris at an altitude of 1370m above sea level. Converted from an old stavolo (stable-barn), the cheeses collected from the various mountain farms of the Carnian Alps are brought here during the summer months.

Thanks to the natural temperature, humidity and aeration, without the aid of any technology to condition its maturation, the cheese follows its own maturation process, significantly slowing down during the Winter due to the cold temperatures and resuming its regular aging in Spring.

The cheese forms that come from the different mountain pastures begin their natural ripening process once they are placed on fir-tree boards. Here they start releasing intense aromas and producing natural molds which are constantly checked and cleaned by the refiner.

Raw milk cheeses are particularly difficult to age. Each wheel of cheese has a destiny of its own. Only a small percentage reach maturation while the rest have to be eaten earlier.

A cellar dedicated to aging will allow the cheeses to mature slowly without the boost provided by modern devices that simply alter or modify the regular process of maturation.

Every single piece of cheese comes with the seasonal migration of the livestock, the farmer's endeavors, the cheesemaker’s skill, the biodiversity of each pasture, the professionalism of the refiner and a unique and exclusive message to the final consumer who isn’t required to do anything but listen.

The best stories are told by the oldest cheeses, matured for 18-36 months which contain a piece of the past. We look forward welcoming you to Sauris to experience all this first hand.

Malga Alta Carnia

Via Sauris di Sotto, 98A
33020 - Sauris (UD) Italy

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