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Ricotta cheese

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Smoked ricotta


It has a slightly conical shape and weighs between 2-5 ounces, its rind is irregular and brownish in color often with accentuated streaks. The paste is white, dry and grainy and the taste is smoky and delicate.

Processing, preserving and aging:

The residual whey left over from the production of malga cheese, added to milk, buttermilk or cream that rises to the surface, is brought to near boiling point (80-90°C) inside the same copper vessels used for the transformation of milk into malga cheese.

When the mass reaches the desired temperature, the coagulation is enabled by adding citric acid or, until a few years ago, the famous 'sitzai', made with sour whey and aromatic herbs collected in the woods.

The ricotta, when it surfaces, is scooped up with a special perforated spoon and left to dry for two days before being smoked in special chambers with the help of direct smoke from a wood burning fire.

Equipment and materials used in the preparation:

Copper boilers are used with wood fires for the heating, cheesecloth straining bags to collect strain and give ricotta its shape; wooden boards for salting and grates for the smoking. process.

This phase occurs in a separate room where the ricotta is placed on metal or wooden gratings situated right above the smoke outlet point.

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